• Provides complete manufacturing engineering, operations, and quality services to IC design companies developing complex high-volume ASICs, RFICs and SoCs
  • Offers advanced technology packaging and system solutions that exceed the performance requirements of next generation applications
  • Offers comprehensive training to young graduates in semiconductor microelectronics design and manufacturing to make them industry ready from day one

LOS GATOS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GS Microelectronics, Inc. (GSME) today announced its official launch as a global provider of Outsourced Semiconductor Manufacturing and Operations (OSeMO) services. With the exponential rise in demand of complex semiconductor ASICs, RFICs and SOCs, a tremendous amount of pressure is put on manufacturing to support complex process nodes, optimized power management, advanced packaging technology and intricate multilayer substrates with cost-effective board designs. The gap between the emerging fabless design companies and third-party manufacturing suppliers is increasing as the manufacturing process is becoming more complex. GSME, with its world class manufacturing operations and engineering team, provides value-add services to small start-ups and mid-size IC design companies by managing their end-to-end manufacturing responsibilities, corporate quality, and supply chain operations.

GSME offers a complete foundry tape-out flow, package design, prototype builds, test hardware development, ATE test program generation, and product qualification, all of which result in a cost-effective faster time-to-market solution. The company also offers comprehensive silicon and package qualification, third-party foundry and OSAT vendor selection, vendor qualification, supply chain management, planning and logistics. GSME serves high-end GPUs, specialized CPUs, low power FPGAs, solid state LiDAR, LP-IoT, and a variety of wireless product technologies. Through its partnership with the world’s leading foundry and OSAT providers, GSME offers cutting-edge technology and cost-effective manufacturing solutions for next generation applications. The company also offers a one-of-a-kind flat fee-based service model with no markup on any third-party cost.

On top of providing design and manufacturing services and creating market scalability, GSME is developing a unique manufacturing dashboard called IMDS®, which features intelligent decision-making capabilities. This SaaS-based dashboard will be offered and deployed to its customers.

“Advanced technology nodes and complex designs have put tremendous pressure on semiconductor manufacturing,” said Farhat Jahangir, Founder and CEO of GS Microelectronics. “GSME is not a traditional manufacturing service provider in that we establish and foster a unique partnership with our customers and focus on adding value to their bottom line at all stages of the Product Life Cycle (PLC).”

The chip manufacturing industry has evolved significantly from its traditional set guiding principles to today’s industrial and technological revolution where Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are being used to maximize decision-making processes. Manufacturing data decisions made on the edge are being baked into the operational system of high-quality manufacturing software. This new wave of ML and AI-based software is aiding businesses in defect detection and supply chain forecasting, as well as enabling business models in ways never seen before.

GSME focuses on the scalability of manufacturing operations and the technical human resources required to support the semiconductor ecosystem. The company provides training to new graduates in various disciplines including chip design, verification, and manufacturing. This enables the design companies to focus on innovating next generation products and achieving a faster time-to-market instead of preparing their workforce. During training, these engineers use industry-leading EDA tools to design and tape out their test chips by using GSME’s MPW offerings in the world’s leading foundry. This results in trained engineers that can seamlessly integrate into companies, like a plug-and-perform model.

About GS Microelectronics

GS Microelectronics, Inc. (GSME) was founded in Silicon Valley in 2021 by a select group of semiconductor industry veterans and visionaries. Focused on providing leading-edge technology solutions for next-generation applications, the company provides faster time-to-market and cost-effective solutions for SoC designs at advanced process nodes and with next generation packaging technology. Today, GSME is a global provider of customized silicon design, complete manufacturing operations, and comprehensive quality services for system companies developing complex high-volume ASICs and SoCs. The company services high-end GPUs, specialized CPUs, low power FPGAs, solid-state LiDAR, LP-IoT, and a variety of wireless product technologies. GSME works on a unique flat fee-based service model with no markup on any third-party cost to transfer maximum value to its customers’ bottom line.

For more information about GSME, please visit www.gsme.com.



Nadia Chughtai,