GS Microelectronics

A global leader in semiconductor and microelectronics innovation, providing advanced technology solutions and products to customers worldwide.

Our Services

We are a global supplier of IC manufacturing, packaging, test, and quality services and offer advanced technology solutions that exceed the performance requirements of next-generation applications.

Outsourced Semiconductor Manufacturing Operations (OSeMO)

Advance Packaging Technology

Advanced Technology Incubation


Partnership” where our business grows with the value we add to our customers

Access” to world class team of semiconductor manufacturing experts

From Fabless to Chipless via using our OSeMO services

Focus” on taking hassle out of the semiconductor manufacturing process from product idea to EOL as one-stop-shop so our customer can focus on innovating cutting edge products

World-class service with flat-fee structure where we guarantee cost savings

Product Life Cycle (PLC) from concept to EOL (End-Of-Life) ownership


World Class Manufacturing

Manufacturing team with proven track record and over 25 years experience

Resource Pool

Access to pool of resources as required and when required from package design to supply chain planning


Higher quality standards for manufacturing and constant monitoring of quality and reliability of the product


Partnership with leading edge foundries, packaging and test OSAT’s around the world enabling faster and cost-effective solutions

Cost Efficiency

With collective demand from all our customers we achieve better pricing and capacity allocation

Complete Out-Sourced Manufacturing Partner

GS Microelectronics is a partner you can trust. We are a leading-edge global manufacturing experts of integrated circuit from chip concept to technology selection, technology qualification, packaging design and qualification, complete test development & test customize solutions, and qualification of the final product.

We take the hassle out of the semiconductor manufacturing process by providing you a wide range of services so that you can focus on the essential — bringing innovative, successful, and high-quality products to market.

Our focus is “VALUE-ADD” to our customer at any stage of manufacturing “Product Life Cycle



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