Global Semiconductor Microelectronics, Inc. provides seamless semiconductor manufacturing solutions. Founded in 2021 by a select group of Silicon Valley’s semiconductor veterans and visionaries with the focus on cutting-edge technology for next-gen applications and cost-effective manufacturing solution for SoC designs at advanced process nodes.

GSME is a global provider of customizable silicon design, complete manufacturing operations, and comprehensive quality services for IC design companies developing complex high-volume ASICs and SoCs. The company services high-end GPUs, specialized CPUs, low power FPGAs, solid-state LiDAR, LP-IoT, and a variety of wireless product technologies. provides an end-to-end tape-out flow, package design, test hardware/program development, & product qualification, factoring faster time to market for products.


To be a manufacturing arm of chip design companies by consistently working towards delivering excellence in manufacturing innovative, customized engineering solutions and customer quality support.


To provide value add services and expertise to semiconductor and systems companies in Manufacturing engineering including but limited to Process, Product, Package, Assembly, Test and Qualification engineering services so our customers succeed in bringing their cutting-edge products to market quickly and cost effectively.

Quality Policy

We are committed to meet and exceed customer expectations by delivering quality solutions and customer service. We strive hard to continually improve the quality of services through skill upgrade and teamwork. We achieve both external and internal customer satisfaction through a formal process of continual improvement.

Our Global Offices