Maximizing Efficiency and Affordability in Semiconductor Manufacturing

MPW (Multi-Project Wafer) Services refer to a collaborative approach in semiconductor manufacturing where multiple designs from different customers are fabricated on a single wafer. At GSME, we offer MPW Services to enable cost-effective access to semiconductor fabrication processes, especially for small- to medium-scale projects.

Key features
Cost Sharing

By sharing the manufacturing costs among multiple projects on a single wafer, MPW Services provide a more affordable option compared to full wafer fabrication. This allows smaller projects and startups with limited budgets to access advanced fabrication technologies that may otherwise be economically challenging.

Design Flexibility

MPW Services accommodate a variety of designs from different customers on the same wafer. This enables designers to take advantage of economies of scale, benefiting from the shared manufacturing infrastructure while maintaining their unique intellectual property.

Reduced Time-to-Market

MPW Services offer faster turnaround times compared to individual wafer fabrication. By grouping multiple projects together, manufacturing cycles are optimized, and the overall time required for fabrication is reduced. This accelerated process supports faster product development and time-to-market for customers.

Access to Advanced Technologies

MPW Services provide access to cutting-edge fabrication processes and technologies that may be otherwise financially prohibitive for individual projects. This allows designers to harness the benefits of advanced semiconductor nodes, resulting in higher performance, improved power efficiency, and enhanced functionality.

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