Meet our Interns! These three brought enthusiasm, drive, and a new outlook to GSME

Meet our Interns! These three brought enthusiasm, drive, and a new outlook to GSME. We are thrilled to have had them on board this year! Safa Farooqui Safa joined the GSME US family as the Technology Intern in May 2023 and hit the ground running. Throughout the three months Safa was with GSME, a diverse number of tasks were assigned to her which she completed with efficiency and accuracy. Her contributions to the manufacturing and administration departments were greatly appreciated. Many thanks to Safa for her positive input and we wish you the very best in your future endeavors. Armon Choudhry GSME US has had the pleasure of hiring Armon as the Product Engineer Intern in May 2023. Armon’s journey took him through various assignments that were not necessarily in his wheelhouse. However, he demonstrated a mature level of commitment to completing them in a timely manner. In addition, his willingness to take responsibility for lab projects quickly became an asset to GSME. A huge thanks to Armon for his dedication and willingness to learn new skills! Pallavi Joshi Pallavi joined GSME US as a Tech Intern in June 2023, contributing to the development of GSME’s website and maintenance of the company’s LinkedIn presence. She played an instrumental role in taking our website live. Pallavi’s dedication to the job, no matter how big or small, has enhanced GSME’s visibility online and the company continues to thrive with her on-time deliverables and skills in the areas of Marketing and Design. GSME thanks you for always taking it a step beyond and good wishes for your future!

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